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The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson
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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS -- To help our customers, you can find answers to questions about service and billing. If you can't find an answer you are looking for here, make a request on our contact page or call our office during business hours.


Q. When should I receive my bills?

A. Residential bills are mailed quarterly. Call the office to find out what months you receive bills. Commercial customers are billed monthly.

Q. When is my bill due?

A. All bills are due on the 25th of the month.

Q. Is there a service charge included in my bill?

A. MATR does include a service charge based on the size of the water meter. It is included in the charges shown on the front of the bill. A breakdown of charges can be found on the back of your bill.

Q. I'm selling my house and I need a dye test. What is MATR's procedure?

A. As a convenience to customers of MATR, our personnel perform external dye testing in lieu of a plumber. The current charge is $55. All requests should be in writing and mailed to the MATR office. Please remember to include a return address or fax number to receive your results.

Q. Who is responsible for the water service line to my home?

A. MATR performs maintenance from the main lines up to and including the curb stop/shut-off box usually located near the edge of your property. After the shut-off, maintenance for the service line is the customers responsibility.

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Q. What does the "E" mean on my bill?

A. An "E" next to your current reading means that it is an estimated bill. If you do receive an estimated bill please call the MATR office so that we can correct it with an actual reading bill.

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Q. How do I get a second meter?

A. Second meters, also known as deduct meters, can be purchased from MATR to subtract usage from the sewage bill for any water used outside that is not entering into the sewer system. The current charge is $185 for the meter. It is the customer's responsibility to hire a plumbing contractor to prepare the "meter set" and properly install the meter. Information is available on the developers page and at our front office. You can call MATR for additional details -- (412) 923-2411.

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